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Volcanic Flowers from Greece

I think our fate was sealed when Vi fell in love with the volcanic flower, advertised in the in-flight magazine on our flight from Athens to Santorini. It was stunning in the magazine, but pictures truly cannot do it justice. What’s with girls and diamonds? I disagree that it’s our best friend. It’s more like a gravitational pull that one cannot deny. Check your science books again; I’m certain it’s in there.

This white and black diamond ring was designed by Yiorgos Poniros. We came to learn that Yiorgos and his brother Fotis are the exclusive designers of Poniros Fine Jewelers. Check out their spectacular collections at They are 3rd generation jewelers and have two boutiques, one in Santorini and one in Mykonos. They also have ‘corners’ around the world, including the United States. However, this volcanic flower can only be found in Greece.

In Santorini, Vi and I visited Poniros in Fira, where we met Yiorgos. Vi fell heads over heels in love with it, as you might have guessed from her post from Santorini titled ‘Questions.’ Yiorgos told us it was a huge compliment when Dolce (of Dolce and Gabbana) recently purchased the ring when he was in Santorini. The ring comes in two sizes, a large flower and a smaller one. The shop in Santorini only had the large one, which looked spectacular on Vi’s finger. We ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at the ring as you would admiring a masterpiece at a museum and went on our merry way to encounter our donkey adventures at Old Port.

During our first day in Mykonos, we ‘stumbled’ upon the second shop in Mykonos Town. Gravity I tell you! If you’ve been following our blog, you’d know that this is where we met Angela and Fotis, Yiorgos’ younger brother. We spent several hours here trying on the small and large rings, among others, including one from the same collection featuring a 10 carrat black diamond. There’s no resisting gravity.

It was such a treat to chat with Angela and Fotis as well! They are absolutely warm, friendly, wonderful friends. While Vi was deciding whether or not to take the plunge and splurge on this masterpiece, I jokingly told her if she got the big flower, I’d get the small one. It’s a stunning piece, and how better to immortalize our amazing Grecian vacation than with diamonds?! Before we knew it, gravity had planted these flowers firmly on our fingers and left a gaping hole in our pockets. As we were processing the payment, we came to learn that Angelina Jolie had also purchased this ring. (We also learned the Jolie-Pitt clan is currently constructing a home in Santorini.) Really? I love Angelina Jolie! Had I known that, I would have bought it immediately! Haha..not really, but that’s still a pretty cool fact. Angela showed us a featured newspaper article on the Poniros designs, which showcased both Dolce and Angelina as having purchased the ring. I couldn’t help but ask for a copy. Common, would anyone believe me otherwise?

Vi’s ring was resized within an hour (wow, talk about quick service), while mine had to be custom made back in their workshop in Athens. At a size 2 1/4, it was impossible to re-size the ring without destroying its integrity. Mine would be ready to be picked up at their Mykonos boutique in two days.

I never did blog about how my peridot ring got crushed in Santorini, did I? It was probably because I was so sad about it. It was the first ring that my husband gifted me. It got caught between the doorframe and door knob of our room and bent into the shape of a square. I lost 2 pave diamonds in the catastrophe and had to painfully wiggle it off my finger. I wish I had taken a picture of the deformed ring to show you. In any case, I’m telling you this because while I was recanting the story to Fotis and Angela, they asked if I would be willing to leave my ring with them, as they’d like to see if they could fix it. Guess what? The saved my ring! It was the sweetest thing and the best gift I could have received. Angela and Fotis, if you’re reading this blog, ‘Thank you so much!’

During our second day in Mykonos, Vi and I dropped off her ring for an adjustment as it felt a bit snug. We couldn’t help but stay and chat with Angela and Fotis before heading out for our tour of the Mykonos beaches.

After lunch today, which is our third day in Mykonos, we stopped by the shop one final time to pick up both of our flower rings (and the peridot one they saved). Our rings fit perfectly! We couldn’t adore them more. After spending another two hours chatting with Angela and Fotis, we left with our volcanic flowers, 2 new Facebook friends, and a date to meet for dinner tonight.

What a wonderful and unique experience this has been. Here in Mykonos, we’ve acquired 2 beautiful pieces of jewelry, memories that will last a lifetime, and two amazing friends that we hope to someday meet again. Now, you have the complete story of how the volcanic flowers of Greece came to be found in California.

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  1. Hello !
    Thank you for your article !
    I will be in Mykonos soon !!
    Could you give me the price of the smaller ring with the flower please ? Do you remember other prices of this volcanic flower collection ?
    Thank you
    Byeee 🙂

  2. Hi!those are beautiful!!im wondering if you could tell of the price of the colcano flowers!very extra ordinary!!thanks a lot!! 😉

  3. I saw the ring today. Beautiful! What was the price you paid? I looked at the medium size. There were 3 sizes.

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